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It's celebrated on October 31st. When the Celts lived in Ireland, Britain and France over 2,000 years ago, they had a pagan agricultural festival on this day. They believed that the dead came back, so they used to light large bonfires to ward off evil spirits. Irish, Scots and other immigrants brought this tradition to North America in the 19th century.

The word "Halloween" is a shortened form of "All Hallows' Eve", meaning the evening before "All Hallows' Day" or "All Saints' Day", which is November 1st.

In the past, poor people went around asking for food in exchange of a prayer for the dead. Nowadays, this tradition was changed. In Ireland and the United States, children dress up and go door-to-door collecting candy. This is called "trick or treat", meaning that if they don't receive candy they will make a trick or a spell.

The carved pumpkin has become the symbol of Halloween. It's called "Jack-o-lantern", from an IrishJack-o-lantern legend about a man called Jack. He was a lazy farmer, who tricked the devil and refused to free him unless he agreed to never let Jack go into hell. So, Jack started to wander the Earth looking for a resting place, carrying a carved turnip with a candle inside.

Study the following vocabulary related to Halloween and then take the quiz below.
  • Bobbing for apples Noun (game) - This is a traditional Halloween game. You put apples in a barrel of water and people try to take the floating apples out of the water using only their mouths.
  • Cackling Adjective - An evil, wild, otherworldly laughing sound
  • Carve Verb - (regular: carve - carved - carved) to cut with a knive, in the context of a pumpkin to cut a face into the pumpkin.
  • Evil Very bad behaviour with cruel intent.
  • Haunted Location containing evil spirits or ghosts, usually a house or castle.
  • Ghost Noun - the spirit of a dead person which appears again. Ghosts at Halloween are usually dressed in white sheets.
  • Hideous Adjective - Something so ugly you cannot look at it.
  • Horrified Adjective - very frightened, afraid or scared.
  • Jack-o-lantern Noun - A carved pumpkin usually with a candle burning inside to illuminate the pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin Noun - A large, orange vegetable in the squash family associated with Halloween.
  • Skeleton Noun - The bone structre of a body without the flesh.
  • "Trick or Treat" Saying - Used by children when going from house to house asking for candy. The phrase also means that if you don't give me a treat I will play a trick on you!
  • Wicked Adjective - the same as evil.
  • Witch Noun - A woman with magic powers (usually evil).

Halloween Noche de Brujas
bat murciélago
black cat gato negro
candy caramelos
cobweb telaraña
costume disfraz
ghost fantasma
haunted house casa embrujada
magic magia
monster monstruo
mummy momia
pumpkin calabaza
skeleton esqueleto
spell hechizo
spider araña
vampire vampiro
witch bruja
wizard brujo, mago
scarecrow :Figure resembling a person which is used to scare people at Halloween.

Los alumnos han realizado postres típicos y decorado el centro con motivo de Halloween. Posteriormente vimos la película " Nightmare before christmas" en inglés.

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